NEWSLETTER APRIL 2015

Dear dollmakers and followers,

                                      2015-04-01 15.47.11.jpg              Klos nylbond garen.jpg

For the month April we offer at purchase of every 4 balls of DollyMo Mohair (50 grams) a free Nylbond spool to match one of your yarns. The Nylbond Coats sewing yarn is strong and elastic, excellent to use on stretchy skin jersey. This cotton is available in different colour shades to match the DollyMo yarns and ideal to use for attaching the wig to the doll’s head.

                                                     2015-03-31 16.58.32.jpg

The cuddly dolls with body and limbs made from terry cloth which we already had in the store is now also available on the on-line store as a fixed article. These dolls can always be made customized if not available.

We are working on a multi-lingual website in English and German besides Dutch to make it more user friendly for our overseas customers. The translations will gradually be set up. It might not be working sufficiently in the beginning but we hope to have it up and going by the Summer. 


Best wishes,

Kamrin's Poppenatelier & Speelgoedzaak

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