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European Waldorf Doll Seminar May 2018 / biography by Fabiola Perez / Fig & Me
Fabiola will be tutoring at the Seminar.




Fabiola dreams of a world where most people use their hands to create tangible work, where children are allowed to develop their creative spirits and adults just as well. She especially wishes that libraries are always at her doorstep, and that she gets to keep working with fabric and wool.

As a self-taugth dollmaker with nearly 9 years of experience, she has always created unique but mindful work. Dolls steeped in her dreams, created with a lot of ingenuity but sound of execution. She started her dollmaking adventure as a mother wanting to create a doll for her daughter, and that turn into a solid passion and thriving career. She has now started publishing her many dollmaking patterns and is embarking on an exciting teaching journey. She spends her time traveling between her two homes, Canada and Mexico.

When she is not writing her doll stories or photographing them outside, in their most natural environment, you can find her looking for interesting ways to execute all the knitting pattern stitches in her dictionary, designing simple yet elegant doll clothes, hanging around with her family or finding the names of the many plants she is re-discovering.  

Get to know a bit more about her journey, fall in love with her work and learn a tip or two from the tutorials and dollmaking in-depth posts she publishes on her blog Fig and Me.

The next European Waldorf Doll Seminar will be held on the 25th, 26th and 27th May 2018.
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